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Our club meets annually at The All-Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA! Click Here for more info.


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Welcome to the car club for those who enjoy the earliest Valiants and Barracudas that Plymouth produced! We would like to welcome to the club those who enjoy the earliest Lancers and Darts that Dodge produced. After all, produced from 1960 through 1966, they are all "narrow" Early A-Body cars and have alot in common.

Membership is free! All you need is an interest in these cars. Owning one is not necessary.

Check out the Tech Center for "nuts and bolts" help with your project. Watch some videos or check out our Dealership Literature in the Media Center. Find the vendors who have the parts for our cars in the Links or spend some time in the Forums. Joining our Google Group Mailing List gets you access to over 200 + members world wide who will answer any question you may have about your car.

There is alot to see on this site so bookmark it so you can return again and again and use us as your Early A body Reference.


The All-Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA is July 11, 12 & 13, 2014.

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1966 Barracuda Dashboard

1966 Plymouth Barracuda

1965 Plymouth Valiant

1964 Valiant Wagon

1964 Plymouth Valiant

1966 Plymouth Barracuda window

1965 Barracuda engine

Da Prez's 66


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This is a non-profit, member run club, with the intention to pass along useful information and entertain those who are in the collector car hobby.